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Symposium Univ Bordeaux

AMADeus | Organic Electronics Summer School | May 24th - 28 th, 2015

This summer school is organized thanks to the joined effort of the Cluster of Excellence “Advanced Materials by Design” (AMADEus cluster) of the University of Bordeaux and the CNRS national network on Organic Electronics (GDR).

The aim of this school is to ensure a high level of formation to meet the needs of versatility researchers prerequisites skills in chemistry, physics, electronics and biology. International top-level lecturers will teach their areas of specialty from the basics to the state of the art.

This summer school is dedicated to young researchers as well as senior scientists and industrial engineers who are interested in the most recent developments in the field of Organic Electronics.




Organic Electronics conjugated polymers photovoltaics flexible electronics semi-conductors OLEDs displays graphene carbon nanotubes lighting photo-detectors OFETs dye-sensitized solar cells small molecules energy storage thermoelectrics batteries perovskite photovoltaics


Semi Conducting Polymers

Research Homo Lumo

DEL organic flexible

flexible OFET

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"Paons" Room

DEL organic

Françon Estate

Transistor à effet de champ organique


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Organic Materials


Molecular Electronics